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Brownie cake 3 tier

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A decadent brownie 3 tier cake, each brownie cake layer is a chewy fudgy brownie, with an intense chocolate flavor and an incredibly moist and light texture.

The bottom layer is 6 inch, 1st and 2nd layer are 4 inch. Each layer is spread with dollops of two toned buttercream and decorated in assorted buttercream (default color is light and darker pink), oreos and fondant decorations as roses, flowers and butterflies.

Weight is 750 grm. Also available with chocolate candy bar as snickers/5star/kit-kat or custom as topping. Mention customizations in box below.

Same-day & Custom & Bulk orders available, call 91-8247665716 or write to us
1. The tower of brownies are packed in a cake box, for best results store in the fridge.
2. Gift box options available.
1. Made to order, when stored in an airtight container stay fresh for a couple of days but we don't expect them to last that long!
2. Free Pickup option available.
3. Decorations available as - Gourmet chocolates in milk/white/pastel - Assorted candy bars (kitkat, dairy milk, snicker, gems, chocolate tarts, peanut buttercups). - Snickers overload, brownies topped with peanut butter and chopped snickers - Sugar paste decorations & gourmet chocolates. - Custom decorations Custom & bulk orders available, call 91-8247665716 or write to us