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Faber Castell 12 Bi Colour Pencils

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Faber-Castell Colouring Pencils offer a spectacular variety of colours and brilliance. Moreover, permanent brilliance of colours is ensured by our high quality pigments and maximum resistance to fading. Ideal for sharp clearly defined lines as well as colouring large areas Faber-Castell Colouring Pencils meet the highest quality requirements, whether you're a budding artist or a professional. Faber-Castell Colouring Pencils come in a range of 48 colours.  

Why choose me?
Ideal for colour mixing, etching, tinting & shading, and creating textured designs. Superior Colour mixing. Rich and bright colours. Super smooth and easy to apply.

Key Features
    Advantages of two different shades in one pencil
    More colours to select and draw
    All colours can be used till the end - no wastage
    Smooth, rich colours which blend to give outstanding results
    Complete usage and Easy to hold being a full Length pencil

    Brand - Faber Castell
    Type - 12 Colour Pencils
    No of colors - 24

Items Included in Package
One Faber Castell 12 Bi - Colour Pencils
Dimensions - 192 x 32 mm