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Faber Castell Art Cart Gift Set

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Faber Castell Art Cart is an attractive and useful colouring kit for your little one. It is a set of crayons, color pencils, eraser,, sharpener, paint brush, pil pastels etc. Your child ll love to get this set as a gift and he can boost his art skills by this art cart set.

Set Contains :
    10 Water Colour Pens: Fibre Tip Colour Pens for Sketching and water colouring with foodgrade and washable ink
    6 Tempera Colours: Washable Fune Paints, which are quick to dry
    1 Paint Brush: Synthetic Hair Brushes for fine painting and shading
    12 Erasable Crayons: Traingular shape for developing of correct grip.Better control while drawing and colouring.
    3 Oil Pastels: Super smooth rich colours for superior colour mixing and blending.
    1 Scratch Tool: Create scratch effect on Crayons and Oil Pastels.
    1 Craft Scissor: Child Safe Scissor for Zig-Zag cuts.
    1 PVC Free Eraser: Environment friendly eraser for smooth and dust free erasing.
    1 Rust Free Sharpener: Rust free blades for lasting performance.