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Halloween chocolate bark

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Keeping with the latest trends, milk or white chocolate bark topped with Halloween toppers like googly eyes, orange/yellow gems, milk chocolate tarts & candy bars (kitkat, cadbury shots/silk, 5 stars & snickers). Packed in a cute gift box.

Select any themes(see image) as desired, they will be decorated accordingly.

Weight - 200 grms
100% vegetarian.

Custom & bulk orders available, call 91-8247665716 or write to us sayhello@saysurprise.com.

1. They are wrapped in foil and set in a box or packed like a gift, for best results store in the fridge.
2. Gift box options available.
1. Made to order, when stored in an airtight container in fridge stay fresh for upto a week.
2. Free Pickup option available.