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Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookie

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Ahh the decadent combination of hazelnut chocolatey nutella and melt in the mouth soft chocolate chip cookies.

Available in 5 cookies - 250 gram or 10 cookies - 500 gram packs.

  • Nutella stuffed cookies, each cookie contains a spoonful of nutella.

Custom & bulk orders available, call 91-8247665716 or write to us

Each cookie is packed individually.
1. Made to order, when stored in an airtight container stay fresh for a week.
Each pack contains 250 or 500 grams of nutella stuffed chocolatey chocochip cookie. Chocolate chip cookie - contains 6 chocolate chip cookies Chocolate stuffed cookies - contains 4 or 5 chocolate stuffed cookies Nutella stuffed cookies - contains 4 or 5 nutella stuffed cookies Assorted contains 2 nutella stuffed cookie, 2 chocolate stuffed cookies & 2 chocolate chip cookies.
3. Allergic information: Contain egg & gluten & diary.