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Simple Halloween 6 cupcakes

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Each box has 6 light and fluffy vanilla or chocolate or red-velvet cupcakes of your choice, topped with decadent buttercream of your choice and simple #halloween theme decorated #cupcaketoppers with gems and chocolate.

  1. Gem & frosting mummy
  2. Chocolate cauldron
  3. Marshmallow & chocolate eye
  4. frosting ghost & chocolate eye
  5. Orange rose frosting
  6. Pumpkin frosting

Write to us for any other customizations. Same day delivery & Custom & bulk orders available, call 91-8247665716 or write to us

1. Each cupcake is individually packed in a cupcake liner and the set is in a disposable container or box, for best results store in the fridge.
2. Gift box options available.
1. Made to order, when stored in an airtight container stay fresh for a couple of days but we don't expect them to last that long!
2. Free Pickup option available.