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Treat Box - Brownie Big Pack

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Curated especially for valentines day our brownie treat boxes are a pack of the best of our signature chewy fudgy brownies, with an intense chocolate flavor and an incredibly moist and light texture. Chocolate upgrade to double - snickers, ferrero rocher, chocolate hearts available or add 1 or two lindt.

Our brownie big pack treat box is the best brownie-licious option especially curated for brownie and chocolate lovers, perfect for sharing/gifting to a loved one or for pampering self. Packed in a gift box.

 Each pack contains:

  • 4 heart shaped brownies 120 grams
  • 4 chocolate dipped strawberries or chocolate hearts
  • 2 ferrero rocher, mini snickers, chocolate hearts, option to upgrade all.
  • 4 marshmallows

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